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About InPrint

Formed in 2003 to tour Norfolk with a highly successful collaborative exhibition facilitated by Creative Arts East, the InPrint group of four visual artists and four poets stayed together to extend their professional and creative boundaries. Working mainly in pairs, we have exhibited together several times in Norwich, as well as at Welborne, Southwold, Colchester, Halesworth and Lowestoft, and separately elsewhere.

We have also been involved in the community through innovative use of our skills, as well as traditional teaching and performing. We are particularly interested in the way that juxtaposing visual art and poetry can create unexpected sparks leading to new ideas. We received an Arts Council Grants for the Arts award to develop and expand the collaborative work of the group.

Four of the original members artists Marilyn Jeffries and Jayne Knowles, and poet Caroline Wood have now stepped down but still retain ties. Caroline has published her first novel, Noah Quince, which received a £1000 award, and in 2010 published a book of short stories called Grave Misgivings. Artist Katarzyna Coleman also worked with us for a time, as did sculptor and artist Tonia Jillings.

Poet Caroline Gilfillan and artists Mike Fenton and Joan Murray have joined the group, which now consists of four artists (Annette Rolston, Mike Fenton, Bronwen Edwards and Joan Murray) and four poets (Lisa DOnofrio, Caroline Gilfillan, Tim Lenton and Rupert Mallin). Lisa is living and working in Australia at the moment but is still in touch. Rupert has rejoined the group after pursuing other things for a while.

The group has been deeply involved in the Paston Project, which created works of art and poetry relating to the 15th century Paston Letters, centred on the village of Paston in North Norfolk. These have resulted in several exhibitions, workshops and the creation of a hand-made book in collaboration with the Paston Heritage Society. Several of these books have been sold for over £1000 each.

Photo: The original Poetry Vending Machine makes its debut at the Factory at the Fringe, Norwich, 2005

We also pioneered the ground-breaking Poetry Vending Machine, first exhibited at the Norwich Fringe in 2005 and subsequently at the Wells poetry festival; in the Norwich Playhouse; at Borders Bookshop in Chapelfield Mall, Norwich; and at Firstsite arts venue in Colchester.

The PVM was the brainchild of founder-member Lisa D'Onofrio. Members of the group collaborated to produce unique and striking art-and-poetry combinative work in boxes that could be purchased from a slot machine and as individual items.

For a while InPrint had their own studios in the Bally Art Factory on Hall Road, Norwich, but are now a looser non-studio group working as and where opportunities arise. The Bally Art Factory closed in June 2010, when the site was due for redevelopment.