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September 2004

For M (who painted the bathroom floor blue)

Posted by Bronwen Edwards on 9 September 2004 at 13:13 in Art

Tags: bathroom blue

For M, by Bronwen Edwards View image

This poem reveals a celebratory mood, an indulgent exuberance that evoked a highly rhythmical and humorous print in the form of a collagraph. I enjoyed collaborating on this piece and depicting its surreal qualities.

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Sins of Omission

Posted by Tim Lenton on 3 September 2004 at 12:42 in Poetry

Tags: cliff coast lindisfarne

Painting, October 2004 View image

He lies in the hollow of smooth white rock
worn down, watching her
adjust her clothes.

Sharp wind stipples her skin:
hips rise and fall.
Out there the tide hesitates, wondering
if it can decently return.

Years ago, wreckers crouched here
lighting false fires
altering lives
Now the white flame
warns all who sail close.

She puts on her sandals
and smiles at him: behind her
a broken tree.

They climb back up the coloured cliffs
as tongues of water push in.
He offers her his hand.

Pause: clean canvas.
Sins washed away.
Nothing happened here.

Tim Lenton

Poet's comment I spent a few days one May in retreat on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. I fell in love with the bleak northern beaches and spent some time there. It was during one of these solitary walks that the idea for this rather enigmatic poem came to me, as I watched the tide rising and falling and saw the shapes it made in the rocks and stones. The idea of cleansing of sins followed, but the ending is playfully provocative. The link with Annette's image came later.

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