July 2008

Week of work on Paston book

Posted by Tim Lenton on 26 July 2008 at 22:21 in Journal

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26 July 2008

A full week as far as work on the Paston book is concerned. On Tuesday Annette and Tim met in Norwich to discuss how the various pages might look. On Wednesday the final, full workshop, led by Annette and Caroline, brought in views from other poets and artists, as well as doing some key printing. And on Thursday Annette, Caroline, Tim and Lucy made the final decisions on what will be included - though not the order of the pages. It all seemed to fit together rather well. On Saturday, Lucy and Tim printed off acetates - the font chosen was only available on Tim's computer in Norwich. Further work on the plates will be done under Annette's direction next week.

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Work on Paston book nearing completion

Posted by Tim Lenton on 18 July 2008 at 20:49 in Journal

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The printing and writing workshop on Wednesday 23 July will be a key moment in the Paston Project. Final decisions will be being made on the composition of the hand-made book – which images will be used, which poems, and how it will all fit together. Annette Rolston and Caroline Gilfillan will be leading the workshop, with some assistance from Mike Fenton and Tim Lenton as far as the book is concerned.

Excitement is rising as InPrint members – notably Annette, who has worked her socks off – overcome technical problems in the new process with the help of experienced workshop members. Any of the high quality material produced over the past months that doesn't make it into the book will in all likelihood find a spot in the Paston Heritage Society exhibition scheduled for autumn.

Meanwhile Mike Fenton is putting together a website dedicated to the Paston Heritage Society, which should go live ini the near future. It will contain much of the work produced by InPrint and others during the Paston project.

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