January 2009

Firm dates for Grapevine exhibition

Posted by Tim Lenton on 26 January 2009 at 12:41 in Journal

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Paston plaque in King Steet, Norwich View image 22-24 Elm Hill, Norwich, which has Paston links View image Elm Hill plaque View image

More details of the Grapevine Paston exhibition were revealed by Annette at a joint meeting of 15 Paston poets and artists at the Cringleford home of poet / photographer Adrian Ward. We also heard about plans for a big exhibition in summer 2010 at Oxburgh Hall, a National Trust property south-west of Swaffham with strong connections to the Paston family.

The dates of the Grapevine exhibition have now been fixed. It will open with a private view on Sunday, March 29, from noon to 4pm, with poetry readings at 2pm. The exhibition will then run daily until April 18, with an additional evening of special events, including poetry reading, on Tuesday, April 7, from 7pm.

New poems and images from InPrint members and others will be on display at the Grapevine, which is in Unthank Road, Norwich, and is currently housing Coast to Coast, a stunning one-man exhibition by Paston artist Martin Laurance. Well worth a visit!

We heard that four of the hand-made Paston books had been sold out of a limited edition of 15. Valuable publicity was being provided by members of the Paston Heritage Society around North Norfolk, and one of them – Jo Berry – was pictured in the EDP on January 26, with a long piece on the progress of the project.

Lucy Care, chairperson of the Paston Heritage Society, said there were plans for an exhibition in the Griffin Gallery in North Walsham in May, and the possibility of other venues was being explored. She reminded us of places with connections to the Paston family that might inspire more work or give an opportunity for further exhibitions. They include two houses in Norwich – in Elm Hill and King Street – Caister Castle, Baconsthorpe Castle, Felbrigg Hall, and Framlingham Castle in Suffolk.

A brief meeting of Inprint members later the same day agreed that our main thrust for this year was still the Paston project, and we would be looking at ways we could expand this, through workshops aimed at the creation of further poetry and the propagation of the eco-friendly non-toxic intaglio printing process.

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Paston book now in Millennium Library

Posted by Tim Lenton on 14 January 2009 at 17:53 in Journal

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One of the hand-made Pastons' Country books is now in the Millennium Library at the Forum in Norwich, and will stay there until the end of the month. It was delivered on January 9 by Annette, Lisa and Tim and installed in a large glass display case with the creative assistance of librarian Claire Agate. It can be found on the second floor of the library, near the reception desk. As well as the hand-made book, the case contains examples of the facsimile Paston books, information about the Paston Project, and books from the library itself about the Pastons.

Only one page of the book will be displayed at a time, but the pages will be turned regularly – so it's worth more than one visit!

A meeting will take place on January 25 to discuss further progress on the Paston Project, and this will be followed by an InPrint meeting to look at ideas for the coming year.

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Here is the Book

Posted by Tim Lenton on 4 January 2009 at 18:07 in Poetry

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Here on the edge of a drowned world
land of the True Cross
we walk on the moon, dark side,
among marbled pillars
touching unearthly colours
dusty passages
fingering forgotten legends

Treasure buried in the priory
where foreign knights battle secretly
against skeletons
and in the Kingdom of God
near Bromholm
the dead are raised

Iron stands like spears against the sun
while stone dissolves

As in the beginning
the word breathes on
until the void takes form
becomes a sacred, fertile field

Visions of Hildegard or Agnes in the rain
play dark tricks
as the world folds into paper,
holding on

Ruins bought and sold
breathe again
words emerge from the rock:
locks are broken

Burning kingfishers perch on fallen walls:
paths burst from the undergrowth

Here on the edge of the moon
Here is the book
Here are the letters thrown down and lifted up
Here the rushing wind
fire and water
laid like a cloth of gold and silver
under the patient stars

Poet's comment: This was written for the Paston Project in 2008 and draws on many aspects of the work, especially history and the surrounding countryside – and of course the book itself.

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