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October 2009

Paston exhibition at North Walsham

Posted by Tim Lenton on 31 October 2009 at 21:11 in Journal

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The Griffon Gallery View image Jo Berry of the Paston Heritage Society with poster View image PHS chairperson Lucy Care showing the handmade book to a visitor View image InPrint poet Caroline Gilfillan View image Paston poet Kay Riggs View image View image

A new incarnation of the Paston Exhibition was opened at North Walsham on October 30 in the Griffon Gallery. As usual, this was a joint effort between InPrint and the Paston Heritage Society, and it will run until November 20.

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Sad farewell, but joyful occasion

Posted by Tim Lenton on 9 October 2009 at 21:34 in Journal

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Blossom contemplates a large helping of pizza View image Rupert by candlelight View image Lisa prepares to do violence to her cake View image Mike and Caroline enter into the spirit of the occasion View image Annette drinks to Lisa's future success View image Lisa with Blossom and Dashiel View image

Members of InPrint gathered in Norwich on October 8 to say goodbye to one of their number. Poet Lisa D'Onofrio was not only a founder member of InPrint, but put together the original group of artists and poets in 2003 from whom InPrint emerged. After putting together a collaborative exhibition that toured Norfolk that year under the sponsorship of Creative Arts East, we decided this was too good a thing to abandon and stayed together, with a few changes. Lisa was heavily involved, especially with her "baby", the Poetry Vending Machine, which attracted a lot of interest in the county and further afield. She was also deeply involved with the group's most recent project, centred on the Paston Letters.

Present at the farewell party for Lisa, who returns to her native Australia towards the end of November, were fellow InPrint founder-members Annette Rolston and Rupert Mallin, plus current members Caroline Gilfillan and Mike Fenton. The part was hosted by InPrint poet Tim Lenton and his wife Dot. Lisa's children Dashiel and Blossom also took part.

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