March 2009

InPrint poets collaborate with city artists' group

Posted by Tim Lenton on 31 March 2009 at 12:41 in Journal

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In the midst of all the excitement of the Paston project, all the InPrint poets have also become involved with the Norwich 20 Group of artists, who are organising a collaborative exhibition called Voicing Visions in May.

Our experience in collaborating with InPrint artists has been invaluable – and continues, of course – but it has been a real pleasure to meet and work with people outside the group.

Lisa D'Onofrio is working with bronze sculptor Vanessa Pooley; Caroline Gilfillan with another sculptor, David Chedgey; and Tim Lenton with Sandra Rowney (who has produced paintings of Norwich from a unique perspective) and Ruthli Losh-Atkinson (whose semi-abstract work stems from a visit to the Scandinavian tundra). Former InPrint member Rupert Mallin is also involved, and he is partnered with Linda Chapman: they have collaborated on work centering on Norwich Railway Station.

Voicing Visions, which will involve 80 leading Norwich artists and poets, runs from May 11 to 23. Nearly 100 collaborations will be on display at St Margaret’s Church, St Benedict's Street.

Norwich 20 Group is also publishing a book, featuring photographs of the artists’ work set alongside the poems and a CD of the poems read by the poets. The recorded poetry is also going on MP3 players, to give visitors to the exhibition the option of listening to the poetry as they view the art.

We're all pretty excited about this: the exhibition breaks new ground in many ways and takes the process of collaboration a step further.

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Grapevine exceeds expectations

Posted by Tim Lenton on 29 March 2009 at 23:02 in Journal

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Medieval magic from Paston Heritage Society members View image Artist Martin Laurance with gallery owner Peter Low View image Artists Annette Rolston and Sharon Teague View image InPrint artist Joan Murray with her husband John and former InPrint poet Rupert Mallin (right) View image Crowds gather round the book demonstration View image Paston Heritage Society chairperson Lucy Care View image InPrint poet Tim Lenton reading Blue Days, Black Knights View image Annette demonstrates the handmade book, value over £1000. View image Poet Adrian Ward takes time to do a spot of research. View image

The launch of the new, expanded Paston exhibition at the Grapevine Gallery on Unthank Road, Norwich, today exceeded expectations, with the gallery room well filled for over three hours and huge amounts of praise heaped on exhibitors by all and sundry. This was a reward for the organisers and everyone who took part, but especially for hardworking InPrint artist Annette Rolston, who demonstrated the hand-made book to visitors with assistance from InPrint poet Caroline Gilfillan and artist Martin Laurance. Such was the enthusiasm that for much of the time crowds were gathered round them and the book was invisible to the rest of the room!

Paston Heritage Society chairperson Lucy Care, without whom the whole project would never have happened, was happily well enough to attend with her family and gave a brief introduction to the Paston Letters, just before the poetry reading. All the InPrint poets read: Caroline, who had acted as lead poet for the project, followed by Lisa and former InPrint poet Rupert Mallin, opened proceedings. Then Dot Cobley, Kay Riggs and Adrian Ward, followed by InPrint poet Tim and ending with Rob Knee. All poets were very warmly received by what must have been a crowd of about 50 people.

The exhibition itself featured a large amount of impressive new work, and although the handmade book itself drew most interest and comment, there was also a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the scope and quality of the work on display. Paston Heritage Society members in medieval garb also drew interest for their calligraphy and paper-making demonstrations. All-in-all, a day to remember.

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On the brink at the Grapevine

Posted by Tim Lenton on 28 March 2009 at 18:45 in Journal

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Martin Laurance and Annette Rolston organising the hanging, assisted by artist Kit Price-Moss View image

With the big Grapevine Gallery Paston Exhibition on the verge of opening in Norwich, most of the work fell on the shoulders of InPrint artist Annette Rolston and her neighbour at The Art Factory, artist Martin Laurance, who has been heavily involved in the Paston project from the outset. Poet Adrian Ward also gave valuable assistance. The exhibition features a great deal of new work, both art and poetry.

Watch this space for news and pictures of the private view, and word of a new project involving InPrint poets.

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