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Change of direction and media for Joan

Posted by Joan Murray on 18 October 2011 at 15:41

Tags: joan seaside textiles

Seaside detail Seaside detail Seaside detail Shoreline

Joan Murray lives and works in Lowestoft, England; the most easterly town in Britain. She explores her chosen themes through a wide variety of materials. Her artistic practice includes drawing, ceramics and sculpture.

Joan’s new work demonstrates another change of direction and media. Her latest theme, inspired by her seaside home, has taken her into the colourful world of textiles.

The project is directly connected to her local environment. Her textile hangings are based on views from her beach hut. Joan uses pastel and watercolour to capture the changing light along the Suffolk coast; these notes are later translated into fabric. The work starts as a patchwork of colours, usually built up in cotton material. Layers are then added using textured fabrics, ribbons and lace. The final additions of thread work and buttons completes the hanging.

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