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Walking poetry at Art Alive

Posted by Tim Lenton on 29 May 2009 at 11:44 in Journal

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Lisa D'Onofrio in poetry hat takes shelter from the brisk wind with poetry walkers on Paston cliffs View image

Paston Church was open again to the public for the Art Alive weekend of May 23-25. InPrint artist Annette Rolston was there all weekend, demonstrating printmaking and showing the handmade book to interested visitors. Meanwhile InPrint poet Lisa D'Onofrio offered poetry walks to the discerning, using part of one of the walks from the newly published book, Exploring Paston Country, by Lucy Care and Jack Earl.

Lisa was also involved with the other InPrint poets in the superb Voicing Visions exhibition put on by the Norwich Twenty Group of artists at St Margaret's Church in St Benedict's, Norwich, from May 11 to 22. The private view was so full that people were queuing outside, and as well as the exhibition itself, the Twenty Group produced a catalogue and CD to professional standard. As well as Lisa, the exhibiton also featured Caroline Gilfillan, Tim Lenton and former InPrint poet Rupert Mallin. They also have poems in the catalogue, and their voices can be heard on the CD.

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More books sold

Posted by Tim Lenton on 6 February 2009 at 10:34 in Journal

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Publicity on local radio following the EDP article already mentioned has resulted in the sale of an amazing four more Paston books. Meanwhile Tim has collected the book that was on display in the Millennium Library, and work is in progress for the Grapevine exhibition. Prints and poems not seen before will be on show there.

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Paston book now in Millennium Library

Posted by Tim Lenton on 14 January 2009 at 17:53 in Journal

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One of the hand-made Pastons' Country books is now in the Millennium Library at the Forum in Norwich, and will stay there until the end of the month. It was delivered on January 9 by Annette, Lisa and Tim and installed in a large glass display case with the creative assistance of librarian Claire Agate. It can be found on the second floor of the library, near the reception desk. As well as the hand-made book, the case contains examples of the facsimile Paston books, information about the Paston Project, and books from the library itself about the Pastons.

Only one page of the book will be displayed at a time, but the pages will be turned regularly – so it's worth more than one visit!

A meeting will take place on January 25 to discuss further progress on the Paston Project, and this will be followed by an InPrint meeting to look at ideas for the coming year.

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Here is the Book

Posted by Tim Lenton on 4 January 2009 at 18:07 in Poetry

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Here on the edge of a drowned world
land of the True Cross
we walk on the moon, dark side,
among marbled pillars
touching unearthly colours
dusty passages
fingering forgotten legends

Treasure buried in the priory
where foreign knights battle secretly
against skeletons
and in the Kingdom of God
near Bromholm
the dead are raised

Iron stands like spears against the sun
while stone dissolves

As in the beginning
the word breathes on
until the void takes form
becomes a sacred, fertile field

Visions of Hildegard or Agnes in the rain
play dark tricks
as the world folds into paper,
holding on

Ruins bought and sold
breathe again
words emerge from the rock:
locks are broken

Burning kingfishers perch on fallen walls:
paths burst from the undergrowth

Here on the edge of the moon
Here is the book
Here are the letters thrown down and lifted up
Here the rushing wind
fire and water
laid like a cloth of gold and silver
under the patient stars

Poet's comment: This was written for the Paston Project in 2008 and draws on many aspects of the work, especially history and the surrounding countryside – and of course the book itself.

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Paston exhibition success in the sun

Posted by Tim Lenton on 13 October 2008 at 14:20 in Journal

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Annette with the book in Paston Church View image Horses Brawl in rehearsal View image Annette and poet Adrian Ward with Tim's wife Dot View image Dot takes a close look at Lucy's installation featuring her own film and Tim's poem Here is the Book View image Four medieval heroes: Ruth, Neil, Brigette and Lucy View image Doorway encounter: artist Martin Laurance is second right View image Brigette with the scrivener View image Sun on a graveyard tree View image

The "amazing weekend" forecast for the Paston exhibition turned out to be exactly that, with the sun shining brightly throughout, and medieval characters to be found enjoying the unexpected warmth of the sun in the graveyard, as well as fulfilling such functions as scrivener and paper-maker inside. In the normally cold church the atmosphere was temperate, even for the Latin Compline on the Saturday evening, when fog paid a fleeting visit outside.

The Private View on the Friday evening was a big success, with a fascinating film of the project being followed by a poetry reading, in which InPrint poets Caroline Gilfillan, Lisa D'Onofrio and Tim Lenton took part. The handmade, leather-bound book had centre stage, with InPrint's Annette Rolston turning the pages and explaining the background. Prints and poems from the book were on display. Small facsimiles of the book were very popular at £10 a time, and two copies of the big book, priced at £850 each, were ordered during the weekend.

On the Saturday Annette and Lisa offered a workshop, and bookbinder Judith Ellis from Aylsham demonstrated her skills. There were further poetry readings from the InPrint poets and from the other Paston poets – Dot Cobley, Kay Riggs, Rob Knee and Adrian Ward. Natural England organised a couple of visits to the Great Barn, which is rarely accessible. Visitors to the exhibition were augmented by a large party of ramblers who happened by and who found the whole project fascinating, especially Annette's description of the book's contents.

Sunday was dominated by the visit of medieval music interpreters Horses Brawl, who rehearsed during the afternoon and put on a concert of 18 songs in the evening, interspersed by readings from the Paston Letters. One of the pieces, sung by Jennie Cassidy, was from a manuscript found in the church in the 1920s and dating back to the time of the Pastons. It was believed to be the first time it had been heard since that time, and it was beautifully sung by Jennie.

InPrint were proud to be part of the project, which owed much of its sucess to Annette's determination to master the innovative non-toxic intaglio process and produce excellent prints. Lucy Care, from the Paston Heritage Society, had the vision for the whole thing and worked closely with Annette to bring it to fruition. Part of the exhibition will now go on show at Nottingham, and at the North Norfolk District Council offices in Cromer. The book itself will be on display in the Millennium Library in Norwich in December, and more exhibitions are lined up for the New Year. The Eastern Daily Press recognised the importance of the project by devoting two full page threes to it – one on the Friday and one on the Monday.

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Final decisions made on book and exhibition

Posted by Tim Lenton on 14 August 2008 at 21:58 in Journal

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Artist and poet combine within an image View image Image and poem together on a page View image Paston image View image Image and words intertwine View image Atmospheric print View image Lisa, Annette, Lucy and Caroline perusing some plates View image Lucy, Caroline and Lisa discuss the running order View image

With the Paston hand-made book nearing completion, four members of InPrint met with Lucy Care, of the Paston Heritage Society, at Annette Rolston’s studio in the Bally Art Factory, Norwich. A variety of prints, plates and pages were available for viewing, and decisions were made on the running order of the book, publicity for the exhibition and practical matters including finance and setting up subsequent exhibitions.

As well as organising the whole project Lucy is also an artist, and has contributed images and a poem to the book. Annette, on whom the burden of printing has largely fallen, also has images in the book, as has InPrint member Joan Murray. Poems from InPrint members Caroline Gilfillan, Lisa D’Onofrio and Tim Lenton are also included.

The main exhibition, at which the book will be on display, is on October 11 and 12 in St Margaret’s Church, Paston. It will be followed by exhibitions at Cromer and Nottingham, and the book will eventually be on display at the Millennium Library in the Forum in Norwich.

The pictures here were taken at the Bally meeting on 14 August and include a few of the prints that will eventually become pages in the book, though not necessarily in their final form.

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Week of work on Paston book

Posted by Tim Lenton on 26 July 2008 at 22:21 in Journal

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Field path, by Lucy View image

26 July 2008

A full week as far as work on the Paston book is concerned. On Tuesday Annette and Tim met in Norwich to discuss how the various pages might look. On Wednesday the final, full workshop, led by Annette and Caroline, brought in views from other poets and artists, as well as doing some key printing. And on Thursday Annette, Caroline, Tim and Lucy made the final decisions on what will be included - though not the order of the pages. It all seemed to fit together rather well. On Saturday, Lucy and Tim printed off acetates - the font chosen was only available on Tim's computer in Norwich. Further work on the plates will be done under Annette's direction next week.

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Work on Paston book nearing completion

Posted by Tim Lenton on 18 July 2008 at 20:49 in Journal

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Bromholm Priory ruins. Picture: Tim Lenton View image

The printing and writing workshop on Wednesday 23 July will be a key moment in the Paston Project. Final decisions will be being made on the composition of the hand-made book – which images will be used, which poems, and how it will all fit together. Annette Rolston and Caroline Gilfillan will be leading the workshop, with some assistance from Mike Fenton and Tim Lenton as far as the book is concerned.

Excitement is rising as InPrint members – notably Annette, who has worked her socks off – overcome technical problems in the new process with the help of experienced workshop members. Any of the high quality material produced over the past months that doesn't make it into the book will in all likelihood find a spot in the Paston Heritage Society exhibition scheduled for autumn.

Meanwhile Mike Fenton is putting together a website dedicated to the Paston Heritage Society, which should go live ini the near future. It will contain much of the work produced by InPrint and others during the Paston project.

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Closer look at Paston writing workshops

Posted by Tim Lenton on 19 April 2008 at 15:29 in Journal

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Caroline Gilfillan View image Rupert Mallin View image

Further details are now available of the writing workshops being held over the next three months at Paston in North Norfolk (see item below). They are held at the same time as art workshops and are as follows:

Sunday 11th May, 10am – 4 pm, led by Rupert Mallin
Textures. Combining words, images and textures using The Paston Letters - texts, symbols and imagery - brought together in print. The workshop will include n exploration of form in poetry and visual art.

Saturday 31st May, 10 am – 4 pm, led by Caroline Gilfillan
Finding Form. In this workshop we’ll try our hand at some poetic forms – ghazals, pantoums and terza rima – while responding to the rich source material in the Paston Letters, and in the church itself. Suitable for beginners or those who’ve already written before. All that’s needed is a notebook, a pen or pencil, and a curious mind.

Sunday 29th June, 10 am – 4 pm, led by Caroline Gilfillan
Poems-in-Progress: revising and developing your work. This workshop will give you a wonderful opportunity to share and get detailed feedback on your poetry. Please bring poems developed during the course of the project for discussion. At least one of these should be directly inspired by the Paston project, and a possible candidate for inclusion in the book, but you can also bring other work in progress, which we’ll discuss if time allows.

Wednesday 23rd July, 10 am – 4 pm, led by Caroline Gilfillan
Making the Book. In this workshop we’ll decide on the order in which pieces should appear in the limited edition book, and how these can be integrated with the visual artwork produced during the course of the project. You may also have the chance to print your own work.

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