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Posted by Rupert Mallin on 17 August 2007 at 17:11 in Journal

Tags: collaboration

Artist Joan Murray joins InPrint and we're delighted to welcome her. Joan's work crosses boundaries between drawing, ceramics and other media. Full details of her work, together with images, will follow here shortly.

Already Joan has embarked on a large scale collaboration with InPrintees Rupert Mallin and Tonia Jillings.


InPrint's Busy Time

Posted by Rupert Mallin on 26 June 2007 at 11:00 in Journal

Tags: collaboration InPrint Poets

From May 3 to June 24 InPrint has been busy indeed: four exhibitions (two taster exhibitions for Norfolk Open Studios, Bally Factory Open Studios and the Welborne Festival), five poetry readings (two videos are being made of these and our artists' work) and we've run at least eight workshops/demonstrations (poetry and print, paper making, printing and box making).

Our Poetry Vending Machine has appeared at four different venues - from St. Giles Church font to the Bishop's Garden.

While artists have been creating paintings and prints of scale, an installation has also been built. Poets have been collaborating with artist and fellow poets. Our stalls have been laden with a colourful array of new collaborative cards, and Tim Lenton produced a booklet of poetry, 'Off The Map,' charting his collaborations during this hectic time.

While we're having a little rest - gathering ourselves for collaborations and opportunities to come - lots of images and other items will apear here over the coming days and weeks.

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Collaborative poem

Posted by Rupert Mallin on 19 June 2007 at 21:03 in Journal

Tags: collaboration Poetry

Collaboration is it. Here follows a collaborative poem, untitled, a stanza each by Lisa D'Onofrio, Tim Lenton, Caroline Gilfillan and Rupert Mallin. We followed each other but will not say who wrote what. Indeed, we're not entirely sure of our own authorship at all!

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Posted by Rupert Mallin on 19 June 2007 at 20:55 in Journal

Tags: collaboration InPrint Poets

Rouge gills burn, gouge word of mouth:

Moon’s long veins pull the sinews

of the waves - open wounds

Wherein fish flash blades

The leaving left

a half-hearted wave,

its wake knowing

the heart works in sand and cliché

Sharp shoreline shells

a broken battlefield

fragile, soft-centred

lovers absent without leave

Creatures whose bones become sand,

become castles and moats

moulded by small hands

building fortresses again, again

in blaze of August sun