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Founder-member active in Australia

Posted by Lisa D'Onofrio on 28 September 2011 at 13:28 in Journal

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Poet Lisa D’Onofrio has recently returned to Melbourne after 17 years. She is a literature activist and literacy advocate, and is currently directing the Castlemaine Children’s Literature Festival, as well as running a literacy project for St Luke's. She has recently perfomed in Poetry Idol for the Melbourne Writers Festival. A recent poem can be seen here.

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This Poem

Posted by Lisa D'Onofrio on 28 September 2011 at 12:21 in Poetry

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This poem wears green eye shadow, and rainbow lipstick
This poem doesn’t own a clock, but knows how one ticks

This poem says – Wham, Bam, Thank You – Sir
This poem sports politically correct faux fur

This poem drives a silver Aston Martin DB4
With fluffy dice, fat wheels and four on the floor

It’s automatic, systematic and culturally clued
This poem rhymes when it doesn’t have to

This poem gives – and gets – oral pleasure
This poem is like, yeah, you know, whatever

This poem is gold-dipped, glitter-dusted and fairy-wanded
It knows a life half lived is a whole life squandered

This poem remembers a time before cellulite
This poem’s a pacifist but loves a good fight

This poem is bound for glory, this poem
Yee haa

This poem salutes irony, sarkiness and farce
This poem swaps showers for long soaks in the bath

This poem eats chocolate, and doesn’t brush its teeth,
This poem swims with dolphins, in the Great Barrier Reef

This poem has a personal trainer, but only for tea
This poem wears a singlet, and watches crap TV

This poem dyes its hair, and shows off its roots
This poem stands on one leg, and plays a small flute

This poem knows
when the writer is locked, and off floats the key
It can be whatever it needs to be.

This poem can fricassee, fillet a fish and quenelle
It’s a plus sized model on the cover of Elle,

It can strip wallpaper, plumb a kitchen and re-invent
But doesn’t give a toss of rocket cos it can only afford to rent

This poem is a greenie eco freaky nerd,
Cos it knows a poem is ultimately just recycled words.

Lisa D'Onofrio

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From Australia with love

Posted by Tim Lenton on 5 July 2010 at 11:07 in Journal

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InPrint poet Lisa D'Onofrio is in England for a couple of weeks with her family, before returning to the delights of Castlemaine, Down Under. Nice to see her for an hour and eat a couple of Jarrolds scones together.

Meanwhile, the studios at Bally have been dismantled, and the community of artists, including InPrint's Rupert and Annette, is sadly dispersed.

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Sad farewell, but joyful occasion

Posted by Tim Lenton on 9 October 2009 at 21:34 in Journal

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Blossom contemplates a large helping of pizza View image Rupert by candlelight View image Lisa prepares to do violence to her cake View image Mike and Caroline enter into the spirit of the occasion View image Annette drinks to Lisa's future success View image Lisa with Blossom and Dashiel View image

Members of InPrint gathered in Norwich on October 8 to say goodbye to one of their number. Poet Lisa D'Onofrio was not only a founder member of InPrint, but put together the original group of artists and poets in 2003 from whom InPrint emerged. After putting together a collaborative exhibition that toured Norfolk that year under the sponsorship of Creative Arts East, we decided this was too good a thing to abandon and stayed together, with a few changes. Lisa was heavily involved, especially with her "baby", the Poetry Vending Machine, which attracted a lot of interest in the county and further afield. She was also deeply involved with the group's most recent project, centred on the Paston Letters.

Present at the farewell party for Lisa, who returns to her native Australia towards the end of November, were fellow InPrint founder-members Annette Rolston and Rupert Mallin, plus current members Caroline Gilfillan and Mike Fenton. The part was hosted by InPrint poet Tim Lenton and his wife Dot. Lisa's children Dashiel and Blossom also took part.

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End of an era for InPrint poet

Posted by Tim Lenton on 29 September 2009 at 14:34 in Journal

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Lisa (left) takes a rest during one of her poetry walks at Paston View image Lisa enjoying her work View image Lisa (right) with InPrint artist Annette Rolston View image

InPrint poet Lisa D'Onofrio, who inspired and helped to create the ground-breaking Poetry Vending Machine, is returning to her native Australia next month. She is a founder-member of the group and one of the prime movers in our various activities. She will leave a big gap, not only as a brilliantly imaginative poet, but also as a good friend.

The group is having a get-together in the early part of October to celebrate Lisa's time with us and to say goodbye to her, her husband Errol and children Dash and Blossom.

Meanwhile Lucy Care, organiser of the Paston Project, with which InPrint has been involved for well over a year, has an exhibition at the Griffon Gallery in North Walsham, Norfolk, this October. It runs until the gallery puts on a version of the Paston Exhibition starting on October 30.

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